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Everybody Loves Andi

Everybody Loves Andi
The Online Action Figure Comic
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Andi is on hiatus for a while. Till I get more time.
Sorry guys. I'll leave the rest of the site open though.



Custom FIgures


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Everybody Loves Andi, Mainframe Elementary and Mainframe Cubed, all are based on characters created by Mainframe Entertainment. I did not create ReBoot.This online comic is just a tribute to the ReBoot world created by the great people at Mainframe Entertainment. All other material Property of their respective owners and used without permission.I am not associated with Mainframe Entertainment in any way. Please do not sue I have no money nor will  If you wish to post any of my comic strips on your site, feel free to do so. BUT PLEASE DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO EACH STRIP. DOING SO WILL EAT UP TOO MUCH OF THIS SERVERS BANDWIDTH. Also be sure to give credit where credit is do. Do not claim the strip is yours. And do not try to make money off the strip (i.e. charging people to see it, printing the strips into some kind of format and selling it, etc...)

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