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Custum Figures
Custum Figure Showcase

Almost Finished


Nearly finished Ray Tracer

Ray is being made from a Scuba Splash Spiderman Figure. The head is being made from a 1 dollar action figure's.

Season 3 and 4 RedHexadecimal

Hexadecimal was made from a X-men Movie Storm figure. Drilled holes and a Toothpics were used to make Hex's elbow spikes.
Hex's Cape was created from Storms cape. I used an exato knife to slice it into six sepperate pieces. Hex's headress was made from hand carved excess plastic from a Zoid kit. Acryllix paint was used to make the rest.

Welman Matrix Sprite Form Prototype

Halfway through the transformation.

The Finished Figure

Welman Matrix was made from a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within General Hein Figure. The Hein figure was incredibly easy to mod do to its
simple construction. Almost every part of the figure popped out of its socket which made it incredibly easy to paint. The Glasses were made with a Twisty tie inner wire.

Mike the TV

After a long time of searching in vain to find the original Irwin Mike the TV figure I finally gave up and made my own.
Mike the TV was made from a small piece of Scap wood. The arms and legs came from an extra Cyrus Binome I had. The mouth, leg holders, and antanae were all made from legos. The Screen is actually a thin piece of plastic with a face drawn on cut to fit the hotglue created sceen frame. The plastic is removable allowing multiple screens to be put on Mike.


Mouse was the first figure-mod I ever attempted and it definitely shows. She was made from an old 1996 Spider-woman figure. Spider-woman's hair had to be removed bit by bit with a utility knife as it was actually molded to the figure. After the hair was removed a gaping hole was left in the figures back which had to be filled and sculpted with Hot Glue in order to fix. Mouses hair is sculpted with Hot glue. Mouse also had to be given 1/8" boot heighteners made of hot glue in order to reach the scale of the 6 inch ReBoot Figures. As to why her eyes bug out like that is because of an optical illusion created by the camera do to the slightly glossy paint used as eyeliner and lipstick for the figure. Though it could be from Mouse's Shock that she finally got made into a figure.

Al's Waiter

Al's Waiter was made from an extra Old Prospector figure. The figure was disassembled into its basic components. The Mid section was turned upside down in order to give a different facial expression and then a hole was drilled so a plastic axle could be placed in the middle to hold the three sections together. The hat was made from Hot glue and index cards placed around the figure's hat column for support. After the repaint was complete a real toothpick cut to size was placed in Al's Waiter's mouth.

Heir Doctor

Heir Doctor was very hard to create because I had no access to Binome figures at the time he was made. He was the second Custom Figure I have ever made. Heir doctor was created from rough hand cut and drilled 1/8 inch blocks of wood. The wires on his face and head were made from paperclips. The equipment on the side of his head were made of straws. The doctor light was made with a lego satellite piece. His digits were made of toothpicks, his arm was made with lego levers and straws. His legs and feet were made of straws. His eye is a carefully disguised phillips screw. If I were to make him again I would simply repaint the Lt. Chauncey Figure. Even so I really love my custom Heirdoctor because of the range of emotions he can display. He is extremely articulate do to the fact he has lego levers for his limbs. He is also a little taller and wider than the regular Binomes which is very close to how he is in the show.


Bunnyfoot is the third custom fig I attempted to make and he is one of my favorites. When I was cutting the blocks to make Heir Doctor quite a few blocks came out crooked and one broke right down the middle. I used these blocks to make the disfigured Bunnyfoot. Bunnyfoot was made very similarly to Heir doctor. Holes were drilled in the appropriate places and Lego levers were attached to make the arms. The split cube was used for his top section because  the split had formed in almost the exact spot as Bunnyfoot's scar. The legs were made of straws. His Brick foot is a cut and sanded lego and his Slipper is a carefully crafted straw.

Fax Modem

Fax is simply a repaint of Specky with a bit changed here and there to make him distinct from Specky. Most notably the addition of an eyebrow and the slight recarving of the hair. Specy's midsection was taken apart and then reassembled upside down in order to give Fax a different facial expression more like the one he has in the show, holes were drilled and an axle was added in order to hold the figure together.

Viral One

The simplest custom fig ever made. Simply remove Lt. Chauncey's hat and paint a Megaskull badge over the medals add one Megabyte Electrogun and you get a Viral One.


Zero Binomes are very fun to make. Start with a Bouncy ball, you can get a pack of these at any dollar store or get one from a vending machine for 25 cents. Hand Drill 2 holes on opposing sides of the ball of the appropriate size. Insert Lego arms into these. Drill 2 more holes side by side at the bottom of the ball and insert a cut straw in each hole to make the legs. Then paint the desired color scheme.

The Andicycle

The Andicyle was made from an ancient beatup Ninja Turtle Cycle I had. Since it was completely trashed and was thus no longer a collectors Item I decided to use it for And's cycle. The Tires, rims, muffler, and handlebars were all repainted to give it a more realistic color scheme than the old turtlecycle had. The body was then painted in AndrAIa's favorite color. A fin was created out of two index cards glued together, cut to shape, and then painted.

Bob's Car

Bob's car was made in a rush because I needed it for a comic. Bob's car is made completely out of painted cardboard and hot glue, except for the windshield which is clear plastic. Unlike Irwin's 262 this 262 actually seats 5 characters and is more to scale than Irwin's was. It may look crummy but it has a working trunk :)

Al's Diner

Al's Diner was created almost entirely out of cardboard. The seats, tables, bar, and floor are all cardboard cut, painted and glued together. Drinking straws were placed around the bar and painted red to give the bar its drinking rim thingy.  In the above picture you can actually see the unpainted carboard that makes up the bar and a bit of the straw that the paint had scratched off of. Staws make up the stool bases and table bases. The actual stool seat is a game token. The wine glasses are Lego pieces and the energy shakes are Straws.